overcoming seasonal anxiety

Is It Possible To Reduce The Stress Of Christmas And Winter?

It's a fact not everyone likes Winter, Christmas or the cold seasons. Sometimes this is known as seasonal anxiety disorder. 

If the cold and dark seems never-ending, do you ask yourself sometimes 'How do I get through today?' It can be hard when you feel like no-one else understands.
If you feel more 'bring on the sun'...than bring on Christmas!!' this could be a read for you. 

Seemingly endless ‘to-do’ lists combined with everyday life can take the fun out of everyday things. These practical techniques, examples and even audio versions to help you get through the seasons and find some room for you again. 

The carousel of life goes on, not caring for you or your thoughts and you might want to give up, stay at home hibernating until the next year..... 

Well, I want to help you perhaps start to change that today. I want to show you how, with practice, if you can master and manage little techniques, maybe visualisation or practice ideas that these will help you or your anxiety with some step by step practice.

Now, if you think 'seasonal' means this isn't for you...seasonal anxiety isn't just about Christmas. Birthdays, both yours and others...holidays, days out, work, school and college are all 'seasonal'. Not being a fixed event, these are changing environments and they can effect us all and be equally as stressful in different ways!

It's also a fact that many people now prefer to learn via listening , rather than reading or copying. Relaxing music, healing sounds and wellbeing tapes can all help and can also be used before going to bed or listening to while driving. (not to send you to sleep though...)
You'll also find a sneak preview in here to a free New Age Audio download....AND access to '50 Easy Ways to Exercise For Your Wellbeing'. A gentle reminder of all the great positives you can achieve, and possibly already do.

One Last Thought -
What Price Do You Put On Your Wellbeing?! You Decide How This Year May End And Your New Year Begins. 

For more ideas get in touch www.functionfitness.uk , or try some inclusive exercises with us for your New Year.


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