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Manifesto - Why We Believe Inclusive Fitness Is Important and What We

If you hven't thought about yours, or looked at creating one, it's a great way to focus on what you do and what your goals and purpose are for others. How many times are you asked 'what do you do?' or 'what are your plans?' 
What’s A Manifesto?
Simply put, a statement to share three main areas.....
– Intentions (what you intend to do) 

– Opinions (what you believe, your stance) 

– Vision (the type of world that you dream about and wish to create)

You can download a copy instead if you wish here. 

Here’s ours :

The Inclusive Fitness Academy is committed and passionate about improving available inclusive mainstream fitness. Sharing experience and knowledge to help you create your best inclusive fitness classes, that will inspire both instructors and participants to be their best.

Our mission is to provide inclusive training with processes and workshops to engage, educate, elevate and encourage positive relationships from your hidden experts - your customers. We aim to offer a bespoke experience for you to build for your audience with take away actions and plans you can really use.

The leisure industry, we believe, is making some headway in offering ‘classes that anyone can join in’. The front-facing workforce are at the heart of any industry, and for leisure and fitness, that can be a complex role with new exercise ideas or ‘fads’ being added. Have you ever wondered how instructors keep up? Well, it can be very difficult....and often expensive.

At The Inclusive Fitness Academy the biggest expense we see, is the cost to people’s health. We believe building and improving existing skills will open a new customer experience, welcome new people into exercise AND improve wellbeing for both instructors and participants. We can help you build a seamless inclusive stream that you are confident with and you’ll want to shout about it. Let’s be honest...if you don’t tell others what you’re doing, they’ll never know where to find you!

Our Vision Is To Create A Better Leisure Experience For All.
According to Sport England, (Active Lives 1 2015-16) Disabled people are twice as likely to be physically inactive (43 per cent) than non-disabled people (21 per cent)

This can be for many reasons; including access or what to wear, amongst everyone’s biggest fear - the unknown. Building inclusive fitness to be valued as important as any other experience is our #1. As an industry, and as people, we have the ability to elevate the importance, support the need and the value of community , to support everyone’s health and wellbeing to the best of our ability with a fitter, healthier future for all.

If you’re ready to make that difference, let’s start here today or email me directly


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